Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition caused by an abnormal rise in the production of melanin. Melanin is a natural substance that is responsible for the colour of skin.

An increased level of melanin makes pigmentation changes on the skin. It results in dark patches, uneven and blotchy appearance of the skin, causing a dull look of a person.

Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment In Lahore

Many clinics will claim to provide satisfactory treatment for pigmentation. But you can’t trust everyone when the matter is of your skin.

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Hyperpigmentation Treatment In Lahore

The Price Of Hyperpigmentation Treatment In Lahore

The cost for hyperpigmentation treatment in Lahore depends on the nature and intensity of the pigment. Some cases of pigmentation are curable with medicines, and some are not. If there isn’t a need for surgery, the cost will be less for sure. Incurable cases need surgery; the price depends on the kind of treatment being used.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Mostly, hyperpigmentation is known to occur because of genetic issues. But other factors like acne, medications, drugs, and sun exposure can also lead to pigmentation.

At a young age, pigmentation is mostly caused due to sunburn. Pigmentation also depends on skin type; if it produces more oil and captures dirt, the chances for pigmentation increase.

What Causes Pigmentation?

Pigmentation in the body occurs because of different factors; hormones, sunlight, or ultraviolet rays. Hyperpigmentation occurs in the form of sunspots, freckles, age spots, or melisma. Also, these can pop up at any body part or face at any age.

When our body makes either too much pigmentation, this leads to hyperpigmentation. The hyperpigmentation appears in the form of dark spots on the surface of the skin.

Why Treat Hyperpigmentation?

Every person has the right to look beautiful and feel confident in their skin; pigmentation won’t allow for it. It’s necessary to treat hyperpigmentation if you want a flawless face or body.

There can be different physical, emotional, and social reasons for treating pigmentation:

  • Get an improved appearance
  • Enhances self-esteem and confidence
  • Promotes better skin health

Types Of Pigmentation On The Skin

Pigmentation has different types, and it affects differently on the skin; the treatments are also different. There are different types of skin pigmentation that include birthmarks. These are the natural marks on the skin that appear at the time of birth.

There are vascular birthmarks, including hemangioma, macular stains, and port-wine stains. Other skin pigmentation disorders include albinism and pigmentation alteration due to genetic issues.

Then there’s a condition called hyperpigmentation that involves age-spots and melasma. Although such spots are harmless, these look bad on the skin, and it’s better to treat them.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pigmentation?

The symptoms of pigmentation are the difference in skin complexion; skin color varies from one part of the skin to other. Some of the disorders related to pigmentation might affect the entire body.

The signs of pigmentation can affect any body part, including the face, legs, arms, and hands. The color of the area can also range between blue, brown, and black depending on the type of pigmentation.

The Way To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation In Lahore

There are different treatments available for pigmentation at Aesthetic Care by Dr. Hammad Saleem. We provide advanced laser technology to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentations.

  • Laser Pigmentation Treatment

The option of laser pigmentation is best for deep removal of hyperpigmentation. This is a non-invasive treatment that uses light to treat hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions.

When treating hyperpigmentation, laser treatment is a precise one and gives good results. It allows your doctor to treat specific areas of skin without harming the surrounding areas.

Laser treatment can either minimize the pigmentation or disappear it completely. The treatment session will take around 4 to 6 weeks.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Laser Treatment Therapy?

A person can be an ideal candidate for laser treatment therapy if:

  • They have hyperpigmentation or discolored skin
  • Should have good physical and emotional health
  • They have realistic expectations from the treatment

Precautions After A Hyperpigmentation Treatment

If you’re dealing with this condition, remember that you aren’t alone. Pigmentation is quite a common skin condition and is very easy to deal with. You have to keep the following things in mind after this treatment.

  • Don’t forget to wear a hat, sunglasses, or sun-protective clothing when you go outside
  • Wear sunscreen daily and remember to reapply it after some time
  • Avoid aggressively scrub at your skin
  • Avoid home remedies; these can worsen the hyperpigmentation

Does Hyperpigmentation Treatment Hurt?

Every surgery or cosmetic treatment comes with a little discomfort. But the level of pain for pigmentation treatment depends on the patient’s sensitivity.

Usually, clients easily undergo this treatment with very little or no discomfort. Some areas of the body are a bit more sensitive than others; it can cause discomfort or pain there.

Before the treatment, your doctor will discuss the options with you as per your tolerance.