A hand, being the most important organ of a person’s life, makes it hard to imagine life without it. Hand surgery is a big term covering several different processes.

The purpose is to correct the hand and finger function. Hand surgery isn’t carried out to improve the look of the hands; it’s for improving hand function.

Yet, it’s true that hand surgeons strive to make the look of hands normal. There are various reasons for conducting a hand surgery, like hand injuries or fractures.

Before you opt for hand surgery, you should know its types and the risks related to it. Choosing a hand surgeon is an important step, he should be efficient to deal with the complexity of the hand.

Getting A Hand Surgery In Lahore

Aesthetic Care by Dr. Hammad is a reasonable and safe place to get your hand surgery in Lahore, Pakistan. Dr. Hammad is a trained hand surgeon with a track record of successful surgeries. His knowledge about the complexities of the body makes him a good option for hand surgery.

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Hand Surgery In Lahore

The Price Of Hand Surgery In Lahore

Like all other major surgeries, the cost of hand surgery in Lahore, Pakistan, varies. There are different procedures and equipment used in hand surgery, which makes the cost vary.

Dr. Hammad Saleem is one of the pioneer hand surgeons in Pakistan who strives to give the right treatments to patients. He makes sure to charge the right prices and not to traumatize patients with overcharged treatments.

The Procedure Of Hand Surgery In Lahore

Your doctor will recommend anesthesia for your comfort during the surgery. In case of a tendon injury, it will get retracted from the original wound site. The surgeon will retrieve this retracted tendon.

They will make incisions from the middle of the palm to the wrist to get access to the affected tissue. It’s also possible to control birth deformities this way.

The incision closing process depends on the type of treatment your hand received. The doctor may use removable structures or non-removable structures. The results will appear after the swelling settles down.

The Recovery Process

The recovery period depends on the type of treatment; some surgeries need a long period of immobility and rest. Our surgeon, Dr. Hammad, performs tendon repair, nerve repair, and other hand surgeries. He’ll discuss the estimated recovery time before the surgery.

A tendon repair will take three months to regain strength and three more months to restore motion. Also, the medicines you will receive depends on the type of surgery you had.

What Are The Different Types Of Hand Surgery?

There are different forms of surgeries performed on a hand. It relies on the condition of the patient’s hand and the problem beneath it. Some of the types of hand surgeries are:

  • Skin Grafts

This treatment involves replacing and fixing skin to that part of the hand whose skin is missing. It’s most often used for fingertip separations and injuries. Grafting involves taking a fine piece of skin from some other part of the body and fixing it to the donor site.

  • Skin Flaps

It’s quite similar to skin grafts, but the skin that is getting donated contains its personal blood supply. These flaps get used when the affected area of the skin doesn’t have an abundant blood supply. It can be due to excess tissue damage.

  • Tendon Repair

Tendons are those fibers that act as a bridge between muscle and bones. The tendon repair surgery is challenging because of its complex structure. Injuries related to the tendon can be the result of infection or a rupture.

  • Nerve Repairs

The damaged nerves caused by an injury make the hand lose its function. Some of these injuries heal by themselves, and others might need surgery. Usually, such surgeries take place 3 to 6 weeks after the injury.

  • Replantation

This treatment attaches a body part like a finger that is completely separated from the body. The purpose is to restore as much function as possible. It’s a complex treatment that uses tiny tools and a microscope.

When To Get Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery can’t fulfill aesthetic purposes. It’s probably needed because of the difficulties in hand functions. These defects can either be by birth or occur as a result of an injury. Here are some conditions that make it inevitable to get hand surgery:

  • The most common reason for hand surgery is a fracture. These fractures can occur due to different reasons.
  • One of the fingers is broken, and the hand can’t function properly.
  • A broken wrist as a result of some fracture will make it important to get hand surgery.
  • The excessive use of hand making it injured or malfunctioned leads to traumatic hand surgery.
  • Pain in hand due to hand osteoarthritis makes you go through surgical treatment.
  • The presence of a fluid-filled ganglion cyst inside the hand needs to get removed through surgery.
  • Degenerative changes to the structures in hand.
  • Defects of the hand that are present at birth or congenital.
  • Infections or hand injuries.

What Are The Risks Of Hand Surgery?

Most of the surgical processes carry risks associated with anesthesia effects and bleeding. There are sometimes more risks, and these vary according to the surgery performed.

  • Poor wound healing
  • Swelling and bleeding
  • Infection
  • Numbness in hands or fingers
  • Blood clot formation
  • Stiffness
  • Damage to adjacent structures
  • Cold intolerance after surgery

You might experience one or more of these risks. Going through pain and discomfort, stiffness, and color changes is normal. Some people may not experience these complications.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Hand Surgery?

The recovery period depends on the complexity of the surgery and the patient’s capacity to heal. It can take several weeks or even months for the wound to completely heal.

However, you should avoid using your hands too much after surgery. The doctor will guide you about what activities you can do.

What Can You Not Do After A Hand Surgery?

You should take a rest on the first day after your surgery. You can return to your everyday activities but be careful with your operated hand. Swelling after surgery is a normal thing.

To prevent this swelling, you can keep your hand raised above your heart. Avoid lifting any items with the operated hand.

You should also avoid any rigorous activities or exercising like weight lifting or swimming. It will help if you keep moving your elbow and shoulder to prevent stiffness.