Breast reduction surgery is a treatment to remove extra fat, tissue, and skin from your breasts. It’s also known as reduction mammoplasty or boob reduction. If you have larger breasts that are out of proportion to the rest of your body, you may have many issues.

Overly sized breasts can cause neck pain, back pain, or another body ache. The surgery will reshape your breasts and reduce the size and shape to a better position. It’s the right of every woman to look beautiful and confident with a perfect figure.

Many women who get breast reduction are satisfied with the results and live a confident life. Sometimes men suffering from gynecomastia can also have this surgery.

Your enlarged breasts shouldn’t make you suffer from discomfort and feel unconfident. But consider the benefits, complications, and recovery process because it’s major surgery.

Where To Get Breast Reduction Surgery In Lahore?

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Breast Reduction Surgery In Lahore

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What Is The Price For Breast Reduction Surgery In Lahore?

The condition of the patient determines the breast reduction surgery cost. Sometimes a minor breast reduction can do the task, and at times more reduction is needed. Every patient has a different condition, and the treatment varies according to their needs.

On average, the price range for breast reduction surgery in Pakistan is 6 lac PKR to 11 Lac PKR. As compared to other cities, the surgery in Lahore is quite affordable and satisfactory.

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How Is It Done?

You might get your surgery in an outpatient facility, depending on the condition of your breast. The doctor will put you to sleep with general anesthesia.

The surgery will take 2 to 5 hours, and sometimes it can be longer. The doctor will use a method depending on the shape and size of your breast. They’ll make cuts around your areola and down to the crease beneath your breast. After that, extra tissue and fat will get removed; the breast will get reshaped and lifted.

The doctor might use drainage tubes, stitch up your breasts and wrap them in a special gauze.

Recovering From A Breast Reduction Surgery

The recovery situation of each patient also varies; it can take a couple of weeks or sometimes more. You’ll have to avoid physical activities during your recovery period.

It’s normal to feel tired and have breast pain a few weeks after the surgery. The doctor will instruct you to bandage appointments and taking care of stitches.

What Are The Risks And Complications?

Scars are normal after a breast reduction surgery; these will fade over time but will never go entirely. These scars can get worse if you lift heavy objects soon after the surgery.

Other possible risks are:

  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Infection
  • Brief or long-term numbness in breasts or nipples
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Side effects of anesthesia
  • Damaged nerves or blood vessels
  • Difficulty or inability to breastfeed

But, some complications like infection in the healing area might require a skin graft.

If you notice an unusual discharge or redness at the surgical site, contact the doctor immediately.

Why Do You Need It?

Breast reduction surgery is necessary for those women who have large breasts and issues associated with them. Surgery can resolve issues like:

  • Nerve pain
  • Restricted activity
  • Skin irritation or rash under the breasts
  • Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Lack in self-confidence
  • Difficulty fitting into bras and clothing

You should not consider getting breast reduction surgery if you:

  • Smoke
  • Suffering from diabetes or heart problems
  • Have obesity
  • Don’t want scars on your breasts

It’s possible to get breast reduction surgery at any age. But if you’re a teenager and your breasts aren’t developed you might need a second surgery later in life.

Who Should Not Consider Breast Reduction?

Not every woman with large breasts is an ideal candidate for getting a breast reduction. In certain conditions, you might have to postpone this surgery.

  • Planning A Childbirth

You should not consider getting a breast reduction if you haven’t started your family. Pregnancy isn’t an issue, but breastfeeding can become challenging. That’s because some surgical processes hinder your ability to breastfeed.

  • Weight Loss

If you’re obese and planning to start weight loss by diet changes or exercise, this option isn’t for you. Losing weight can also result in changes to your breast size.

What To Expect From A Breast Reduction Surgery?

A successful breast reduction can reduce the pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. It will also make you able to take part in physical activities and live a self-confident life.

You can enjoy the results right after the surgery, but you’ll have to wait for months for swelling to go. It will also take some time for surgical scars to go. The final results are permanent, but breast size and shape can change because of aging or weight gain.

Do You Lose Weight After A Breast Reduction?

Most of the women ask this question, and the answer is “yes.” You’ll most probably lose some weight after a breast reduction because of fat removal from the body.

Yet, the amount of weight you lose depends on how much fat is getting removed during surgery. So you must not expect your surgery to tip the scales.