An ear surgery, also called otoplasty, is a cosmetic process to alter the ears’ shape, size, and position. The most common process of this surgery is to move enlarged or prominent ears closer to the head.

People get an otoplasty treatment if they don’t like the shape of their ears and want smaller or bigger ears. Sometimes, otoplasty corrects the misshaped ears after an injury.

If a child is born with abnormal ears, splinting can correct these issues within the first three months. Yet, if such problems don’t get corrected at that time, there will be a need to go through the surgical process.

There are many cases where an otoplasty is necessary; microtia, cryptotia, and the absence of ears. All these problems are now possible to get treated with ear surgery.

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Ear Surgery In Lahore

Why Should You Opt For Otoplasty?

The ear is a prominent part of our body, and a slight abnormality in the ear can make it difficult to hear. Also, it will cause the face to look unattractive. With the help of an otoplasty, you can get the desired shape of your ear. Consider getting an ear surgery if:

  • You have larger ears in proportion to your head
  • Your ears are stick out too far from your head
  • You aren’t happy with your previous otoplasty

Usually, ear surgery is for both ears to achieve the right symmetry. This surgery won’t mess up your hearing ability.

What Are The Common Types Of Ear Surgery?

If you’re bothered by your appearance, there are different types of ear surgery available for you. You can also get an otoplasty if your ears got de-shaped after a trauma or injury.

Ear surgery can get performed at any age after the ears have reached their full size.

Here are the common types of ear surgery:

  • Ear Augmentation

This process involves enhancing the size of small ears. This is for the people who didn’t get their ears fully developed; they need surgery to increase their size.

  • Ear Reduction

People with enlarged ears have to go through ear reduction treatment. They have bigger ears by birth and need surgery to reduce the size of the ears back to normal.

  • Ear Pinning

This surgery is for those ears which are too much projected out of the head. The purpose of this surgery is to pin the ears closer to the head, so these look like a part of the head, not an extension.

What Is The Process Of Ear Surgery In Lahore?

The doctor will put you to anesthesia for your comfort before starting the surgery. Surgical techniques can correct the projected out ears to create the antihelical fold. It’s also possible to reduce the enlarged conchal cartilage using such techniques.

Usually, in otoplasty, incisions get to be on the back of the ear. If incisions on the front are necessary, these are within the folds to reduce the visibility. Non-removable sutures secure the newly created shape of cartilage.

Stitches close the incisions, try not to damage the other structures, and avoid a “pinned back” look. In the case of projected out ears, an otoplasty gives immediate results.

What’s The Recovery Process Like?

For proper protection and support, the surgeon will cover your ears in bandages after otoplasty. Initially, you might feel some discomfort or itching. Take medications as prescribed by the doctor and avoid sleeping on your side.

You must also avoid rubbing or putting excessive force on the incisions. After few days of surgery, the doctor will remove your bandages. The ears will stay swollen and red for few days.

There will be an immediate change in the appearance of your ears after the surgery. However, if you aren’t happy with the results, consult the surgeon for a revision.

What Are The Risks?

Otoplasty, in addition to bleeding, infection, has some other major risks. These risks of ear surgery are:

  • Changes In Skin Sensation

The repositioning of the ears can create temporary numbness in the affected area. However, changes are rarely permanent.

  • Overcorrection

The ear surgery creates unusual contours that make an unattractive shape of the ear.

  • Allergic Reaction

You might get an allergic reaction to the materials being used during the procedure. But its risk is probably less.

  • Scarring

Although the scars are permanent, but these aren’t so visible as they are behind the ears.

  • Problems With Stitches

There can be problems with stitches that were put to secure the new shape of the ear. They might work their way, and there can be a need to remove these. It can also make the affected skin swell.

  • Asymmetry

The asymmetry in-ear placement is because of the changes taking place during the healing process. Sometimes, the surgery fails to correct the pre-existing asymmetry of the ear.